Workers’ Compensation Group Celebrates 25th Anniversary/Declares Dividend

The ESRTA Safety Group 554 and Sedgwick (formerly the Risk Management Planning Group/York Risk Services) celebrated the group’s 25th Anniversary by declaring a 40% dividend for qualified and participating group members. This year’s dividend is a 5% increase over last year and is the result of the consistent financial strength of the group. For the 25th year in a row, the ESRTA Safety Group has been rewarding its members with discounts and dividends that substantially reduce the cost of workers’ compensation insurance. The group’s 25% upfront discount (maximum allowed), an average dividend of 36%, and a proven track record and the security of a guaranteed cost policy continues to provide the most competitive Workers’ Compensation coverage available. Association members not currently in the Safety Group can contact Jessica Terc at Sedgwick by phone at 516-535-4792 or by email at [email protected].