Online Training

Continuing education and training is critical to the on-going success of businesses. We’ve developed a wide range of training opportunities for the owners, managers and employees of New York’s hospitality businesses.


Through a partnership with, a leader in the e-learning industry, we have set-up a Virtual University and assembled an interesting, informative, user friendly and cost-effective Internet-based course catalogue including:

provides all the necessary knowledge to be a responsible server of alcohol including how to protect yourself and your establishment from liability, how alcohol affects your customers,  how to recognize the effects of alcohol on your customers, how to prevent customers from becoming intoxicated, how to intervene when you need to refuse a sale, how to prevent and deal with disturbances, how to accurately check ID’s and recognize minors, how to prevent second party sales, and how to refuse a sale

these courses prepare managers and workers with the appropriate level of knowledge in food safety to have an understanding of foodborne illness and their role in preventing foodborne illness

this course covers the proper way to sell tobacco to cutomers including how to card customers and spot fake ID’s

this course covers the importance of the screener’s position, important rules and regulations relating to underage drinkning, ID security features, acceptable forms of identification, methods to check ID’s, and what to do when you receive a bad ID

designed to alert bar and nightclub staff to the warning signs of drug use on their property, how various drugs may be smuggled into the establishment for sale and use, recognizing patrons who may be under the influence of drugs, and strategies for cooperating with law enforcement authorities to curb illegal activity

this covers helpful tips to ensure you get better tips, provides you with handy customers service suggestions, up selling, and ways to walk away with more cash

this course covers the basics of wine including what wine is, how wine is made, the different types of wine, food and wine combinations, ordering wine, serving wine, and a whole lot more

these courses cover a varety of topics relating to workplace safety and are designed to help recognize, avoid, and prevent unsafe conditions in and around the workplace

this course covers the basic concepts of sexual harrassment, preventing sexual harrassment, discrimination, and retaliation

We provide these trainings on-line through our Virtual University. You can access our Virtual University’s portfolio of training programs by clicking the logo below:

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