Employer Changes Part of State Budget

The final budget also includes some items of importance to all employers in New York State:

  • Sunsetting COVID-19 Sick Leave – the Governor proposed ending the COVID-19 Sick Leave requirements on July 1, 2024 but the final budget allows it to continue until July 1, 2025. We’ll see whether the legislature will seek to extend this next year or will they allow it to expire as now scheduled.
  • Allowing for Prenatal Leave – the budget includes a provision requiring employers to grant up to 20 hours of prenatal paid-leave within an 52-week period, effective January 1, 2025.
  • Requiring Breaks to allow for Breat Milk Expression  – the budget requires employers to provide 30 minutes paid break time daily, and permits additional leave to be used as needed, for breast milk expression, effective 60 days after the Governor signs this into law (on or about June 20, 2024).