Small Business Advice

As an owner of a hospitality business you face many industry-specific issues in your operation, but you also face the same challenges other small businesses must deal with. Business Know-How® was founded to arm you with the street-smart strategies you need to succeed in your own small business. This website offers a wealth of how-to information and resources that will help you gain the facts you need to start a business, find customers, solve business problems, increase your profits, and succeed.


Their goal is to provide you with the knowledge, access to experts, tools and business-to-business networking opportunities that make starting, running and doing business easier and more profitable. On the site you’ll find a variety of practical, down-to-earth information and from-the-trenches tips and hints that you can put to work in your own business. Use their community message boards to talk to other business owners and get help with problems, or share your expertise and experiences with other visitors.  Read their features for tips, hints and ideas for growing your business in the Internet age.


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