Split Case Fee Letter Writing Instructions

Thank you for being willing to write to the State Liquor Authority in support of their proposal regarding split case fees.

The proposal will reduce the fees being charged by Empire and Southern from $30 and 36 per case respectively to no more than $7.39 per case.

We’ve worked hard over the past two years to convince the Liquor Authority to take this action but we need your help to close the deal.

Please send an email or letter to the SLA expressing your support for their proposal. Here’s a sample letter you can use in preparing your letter.

Send your comments by email to: [email protected] or send your letter to Paul Karamonal, Senior Attorney, State Liquor Authority, 80 South Swan Street, Suite 900, Albany, NY 12210.

Let us know if you have any questions or need any help drafting your comments. Thanks for your help!