New Applicants Eligible for Temporary Permit Extensions

In the Authority’s ongoing effort to assist applicants and reduce the number of applications that must be filed, the Authority is offering applicants the opportunity to request multiple 30-day extensions at once when renewing their original 90 day Temporary Operating (ST) permit. The nonrefundable fee required under Section 97-a of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law will be multiplied by the number of extensions requested by the applicant and the extension periods will be bundled by the Authority.

When renewing their ST permit, applicants may choose from the following options for extensions:

Type of License Beer Licenses All Other Retail Licenses
One (1) 30-day extension $64 $96
Two (2) 30-day extensions $128 $192
Three (3) 30-day extensions $192 $288

The State Liquor Authority continues to allow permittees to request additional extensions up to 15-days after the expiration of their ST permit. It’s also important to remember that an ST permit may be canceled or suspended by the Authority for good cause and that all fees for ST permits are nonrefundable, even if the permit is not used for the entire extension period.