Food Waste Workshops Planned

The NYS Pollution Prevention Institute is hosting two workshops this month to learn how to help reduce the nearly 11.4 million tons of food waste generated by U.S. restaurants each year. About 50% of U.S. restaurants already practice food donation and food waste reduction, and for every dollar invested in reduction, data shows an average $8 in cost savings.

Agenda highlights:

  • Hear from your peer restaurants about specific examples of food rescue and food waste reduction initiatives
  • Identify implementation solutions that will help reduce food waste and save money
  • Connect with local food recovery and food waste hauling resources

Event details:

Monday, November 4th

10 am – noon

Marshall Street Bar & Grill

81 Marshall Street, Rochester, NY 14607


Monday, November 11th

10 am – noon

Essex Market

85 Essex Street, New York, NY 10002

Below are the links to the registration pages for each workshop:

Rochester Wasted Food Forum Registration Page

NYC Wasted Food Forum Registration Page