Department of Labor Publishes New Wage Rates

A new minimum wage law was adopted as part of the state budget earlier this year. It raises the minimum wage over the next three years – up to $17.00 downstate and $16.00 upstate – after which the minimum wage will be “indexed” to the cost of living. A formula specified in the law ties the minimum wage to the cost of living. As the cost of living increases, so will the minimum wage. The objective is to have wages keep up with costs

The New York State Department of Labor, as part of implementing the new law taking effect at the start of the year, has published proposed changes to the wage and hour rules & regulations to implement the first three statutory steps – the specific increases provided in the law. They’ve also published the proposed cash wages for foodservice and service workers, required uniform maintenance payments, and meal credits.

You can start planning for 2024 to include these new provisions:

New minimum wage rates:

Downstate*      Upstate**

January 1, 2024         $16.00      $15.00

January 1, 2025         $16.50      $15.50

January 1, 2026         $17.00      $16.00

Foodservice workers minimum wage rates:

Downstate*      Upstate**

January 1, 2024         $10.65      $10.00

January 1, 2025         $11.00      $10.35

January 1, 2026         $11.35      $10.70

Service workers minimum wage rates:

Downstate*      Upstate**

January 1, 2024         $13.35      $12.50

January 1, 2025         $13.75      $12.90

January 1, 2026         $14.15      $13.30

* Downstate includes New York City & Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties

**Upstate includes the remainder of New York State

Similar proportional increases in required uniform maintenance payments and meal credits are also included as part of this proposal.

The Department of Labor has established a 60-day public comment period after which we expect they will adopt these new rates – just in time for the New Year!