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The State Liquor Authority and the Empire State Restaurant & Tavern Association are hosting trainings for owners, managers and servers of licensed premises throughout New York State. We’re joining together to present ESRTA’s ABC’s of the ABC Law training for owners and managers and the SLA’s ATAP training for servers in a one-day program. This training program is presented free of charge thanks to the sponsorship of Anheuser-Busch, Brown Forman and Constellation Brands.

The ABC’s of the ABC Law Training (10:00 am – 1:00 pm): 


  • helps licensees understand their duties and responsibilities under the
    ABC Law
  • provides detailed guidance on the steps needed to comply with the law
  • explains consequences of violating the ABC law
  • participation demonstrates commitment to compliance


The ATAP Training (1:45 pm – 3:30 pm):


  • informs alcohol beverage servers of their responsibility under the ABC law
  • focuses on preventing sales to underage or intoxicated persons
  • gives servers the tools they need to comply with the law
  • completion qualifies participant for Affirmative Defense


The ABC’s of the ABC Law training program is the only comprehensive training available for owners and managers of on-premise establishments in New York State. This 3-hour session will review the most common SLA rules and your obligations as licensees under the ABC Law. This will include your duties regarding your license, your licensed establishment and your employees. The session also will review your responsibilities concerning underage sales, sales to visibly intoxicated persons, disorderly premises and other provisions of law. The session concludes with a discussion of the consequences of violating the law and and explanation of the Liquor Authority’s administrative penalty process.


ATAP training is the State Liquor Authority’s program for alcohol beverage servers. The training explains the duties and responsibilities of the establishment and individual servers not to sell, serve or deliver alcohol to anyone under 21 or anyone who is visibly intoxicated – regardless of the circumstances. In addition, the program reviews methods and strategies servers can take to successfully deny alcohol to an individual who seeks such an unlawful sale. Completion of the ATAP seminar provides the participant with an affirmative  defense to a criminal charge for selling alcohol to an underage or visibly intoxicated person. It also could help limit the penalty assessed by the SLA to an establishment that if charged with an illegal sales violation.

You and your employees can attend these seminars for free – that’s right FREE – due to the generous support of our sponsors.

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