Where Are We?

The question we get every day is where are we? Is the Governor going to shut us down? What restrictions are coming next? The truth is we don’t know. The Governor continues to emphasize the micro-cluster approach to imposing restrictions. Under this plan areas as small as individual neighborhoods can be designated as either yellow, orange, or red zones with varied restrictions imposed based on the designation. This approach is more tailored than the regional shutdowns imposed in the Spring. The goal is to allow activity in as much of the state as possible, while imposing restrictions as needed to control the spread of the virus.

The Governor’s preference for the micro-cluster approach does not mean regional or statewide restrictions are off the table. For example, the 10 pm curfew that was recently instituted by the Governor is obviously a statewide restriction. And the Governor has made it clear he will reduce the permissible indoor capacity of restaurants and taverns if the health circumstances warrant. A statewide shutdown of indoor dining is possible if the virus spins out of control. For now, New York State is emphasizing compliance with the various restrictions in the hope that wearing masks, frequent hand washing, and socially distancing will contain the virus and keep the infection rate below the levels that will trigger additional restrictions.

The reality is that where we will be over the next weeks and months depends on those around us in our various communities. You’re not only bearing the brunt of the restrictions that are already in place, but you’ll suffer even further if compliance with these restrictions lag. We’ll continue to post updates on our website and Facebook page so you can stay in the loop on the latest developments.