Welcome New Associate Member Restaurant Depot

For years our members have swapped stories at Association events of great deals at Restaurant Depot. Long known within the restaurant industry in New York State as a back-up or supplemental food supplier offering quality products at a price that provides excellent margins, they’ve now expanded their product offerings into wine and spirits.

Restaurant Depot now has six fully licensed wholesale wine and liquor outlets throughout the state. Their selection of spirits is designed to meet or beat the taste expectations for their price tier offering low prices compared to their competition. They also boast of their wine program which is designed to “drink above their price”. Their selection is filled with little gems that compete against better known, national brands at favorable profit margins.

In this time of increasing costs and declining profits, we’re looking to do everything we can to help your business succeed. Taking advantage of Restaurant Depot’s services is simple – just bring in your Certificate to Collect Sales Tax and Liquor License to one of their wholesale locations and you can started right away.  Check out the attached flier and see if you can benefit from this new option