Updated Cluster Zones Announced – Take Effect Friday for Businesses

Part of Erie County Yellow Zone Changes to Orange Zone – Yellow Zone Expanded in Erie

New Yellow Zone in Niagara County

New Yellow Zone in the Bronx – Expanded Yellow Zone in Queens

Brooklyn, Orange and Broome Zones Improve – Restrictions Relaxed


Modifications to Current Focus Zones

Broome County – Yellow Zone Removed

Based on metrics including declining and low positivity rates and hospital admissions, Broome County is now eligible to have its yellow precautionary zone removed.

Brooklyn – Orange Zone Changes to Yellow Precautionary Zone

Last week, Brooklyn’s red zone was transitioned to orange based on its progress. The zone has continued to demonstrate progress, so now the current orange zone will be changed to a yellow precautionary zone, and the current yellow buffer zone will be removed.

Orange County – Yellow Zone Removed

The existing yellow zone has demonstrated progress and consistently low positivity rates and low number of new daily cases.  The precautionary yellow zone will be removed.


New Focus Zones

Bronx – New Yellow Precautionary Zone – Click Here and Here for Maps

Several communities in the Bronx have seen a rise in positive cases, and meet the metrics for a precautionary yellow zone.

Erie County – New Orange Warning Zone – Click Here for Map

Parts of the Erie Yellow Precautionary Zone meet the metrics to transition to an Orange Warning Zone. The previous Yellow Zone is expanded to include new parts of Erie County seeing upticks in new cases, positivity, and hospital admissions.

Queens – Expanded Yellow Precautionary Zone – Click Here for Map

The current Queens zone will be expanded to include additional communities which have seen an increase in both positivity and cases over the past ten days, and are currently over 2.5% positivity on the 7-day rolling average

Niagara County – New Yellow Precautionary Zone – Click Here for Map

North Tonawanda has seen an uptick in cases and positivity and meets the metrics for a yellow precautionary zone.