SLA Posts Renewal Advisories

Experienced licensees know to expect the State Liquor Authority to send out a “Renewal Advisory” to your business about 90 days before your license expires. But recently some licensees have not received their, and without your official renewal advisory from the Liquor Authority, you can’t file your renewal. Unfortunately many licensees didn’t notice before it was too late to renew their license on time leaving them and the SLA to scramble to fix the problem.

The State Liquor Authority has posted the renewal advisories for all licensees with licenses due to expire over the next few months on their website so licensees don’t have to depend on the notice sent by mail to arrive. You can go to the SLA website and look for the link at the top of the page to find the list of renewal advisories (organized by type of licensee and by month). You’ll need to find the notice addressed to you in the file with all of the other retailers due to renew in that month and print your two-page notice. As you’ll see, the instructions direct you to the renewal application on the SLA website which needs to be completed, printed, and mailed to the SLA along with the renewal advisory, penal bond, and fee.

The SLA will continue mailing renewal advisories to the premises address on file with the Authority. Make sure to coordinate with your attorney, representative, manager, or anyone else who may assist you with your business to ensure you do not submit duplicate renewal applications and payments. While you will get a refund if you submit multiple payments, it will take months to have it processed and sent to you.

Also of note, as a result in a recent change in the law, One-Day Alcohol Event Permits, also known as a Temporary Alcohol Permit (previously known as a One-Day Beer and Wine Permit), now include the service of liquor. They authorize the sale and/or service of wine, beer, cider and liquor for consumption at a gathering for a period of 24 hours.