Senator Schumer Reports on Restaurant Relief – Commits to More Funding if Needed

Senator Chuck Schumer brought encouraging news to the industry during our call on Tuesday, March 30th. He reported on his conversations with the new head of the Small Business Administration (SBA) and addressed key questions from industry representatives.

According to Senator Schumer, the SBA plans to begin accepting applications late in April and to begin dispensing grants in May. Another important development revealed during the call is the SBA’s decision not to require applicants to register for a “” account or be required to have a DUNS number in order to apply. This is a requirement for the venue operator’s grant program and has proven to be an annoying barrier to access to that program. Not having to meet that requirement is a headache you won’t miss.

Senator Schumer answered questions from industry representatives about the program, including about the ability to add more funding down the road if needed to meet the industry’s need. Not only did Senator Schumer explain that it could be done, he committed to getting it done if that’s what’s required. We could not ask for a stronger advocate!

In addition to the questions Senator Schumer answered, he has also put together this Guide to Restaurant Revitalization Fund to help you understand the program and answer your frequently asked questions. We’ll update you as the SBA moves towards releasing the application and opening the program so you can prepare for the day you’re eligible to apply.