Senate Committee Approves S4343

The Senate Commerce Committee approved S4343 at its meeting yesterday. The bill was reported to the full Senate.  

Here’s how the Senators voted:


Boyle; Felder, Funke, Gallivan, Griffo, Hamilton, Kennedy, Robach,

AYE W/O RECOMMENDATION (vote to move out of committee but not necessarily in favor of bill)

Bailey, Persaud, Sanders

NAYS – 0

Your contact with committee members was critical to our success. We have lots of work to do to get it passed in the Senate, but we’re off to a great start!  

Passage of this bill by the Senate Commerce Committee does not change the law. The bill still has to pass the full Senate and the Assembly and be signed into law by the Governor. It is still illegal to buy wine and spirits from a liquor store.