SafetySkills Courses Available

The Association’s Workers’ Compensation Safety Group members can take advantage of a full catalogue of courses to help reduce worksite injuries offered by our Group Manager, Fleury Risk Management. You’ll need a login to take advantage of the SafetySkills courses which you can obtain by contacting Fleury Risk Management. Here are some of the featured courses currently available:

Parking Lot Safety: A parking lot is the first thing that customers see, making it a very important part of a good first impression. Parking lots can also present a number of hazards to pedestrians and vehicles. Keeping lots clean and well maintained, and ensuring employees are trained to deal with common hazards, is an important part of ensuring customers and employees are safe and happy. When this course is over, the learner should be able to identify best practices for parking lot maintenance and security, and appropriate responses to severe weather, accidents, and other outdoor incidents.

Materials Handling: Materials handling and storage covers a wide range of activities, from moving a few boxes from a closet to a storage area to something as complicated as hauling tons of steel with a crane. Learners who successfully complete this course should be able to recognize safe practices for unloading, the hazards of lifting and how to safely execute a lift, best practices for storage and housekeeping best practices, including waste management.

Drug-Free Workplace: Substance abuse is a problem that can seriously affect all employees in the workplace. Employees will learn about the dangers of over-the-counter, prescription, and illegal drug misuse, substance addiction at work or in their personal life, common elements of workplace drug-free policies, the drug testing methods employers use and their legal rights regarding testing, and how their workplace could respond to the discovery that an employee is misusing substances.

Unfortunately, this is only available to members of ESRTA Safety Group #554 and is part of the service provided to safety group members. You can obtain more information on the Association’s workers’ compensation insurance program by contacting Fleury Risk Management at 518-478-6314.