NYS Issues Guidance for Phase 2 Businesses – Restaurants & Bar Remain in Phase 3 for Now

The State released guidance for Phase 2 businesses to reopen and unfortunately restaurants and bars were not allowed to open on a limited basis in this phase, as of yet. We’re deeply disappointed but we’re not quitting. Allowing your establishments to open with limitations in Phase 2 is what the CDC guidance recommends . Our neighboring states of Connecticut, New Jersey, and Vermont all are allowing outdoor dining. We do not know why New York is taking a different approach.

These rules keep changing and getting your business open is too important for us to walk away from this fight. We’re going to continue to publicly and privately call on the State of New York to do the right thing, follow the guidance of the experts, and look to our neighbors to see how well this can work to help your business and protect the public health.

We’re also working on what the rules will be when you reopen – whether in Phase 2 or Phase 3, including allowing for the continued sale of cocktails-to-go and permitting you to create temporary seating to allow you to comply with social distancing without a dramatic decrease in occupancy. We’ll continue to fight to help you through this crisis in spite of this momentary setback.