New Member Benefits Unveiled

In order to fulfill our commitment to help improve our members’ profitability we seek partners who are able to help serve that objective – which is why we have chosen to partner with Service That Sells!

Service That Sells! powered by Ready Training Online is the restaurant industry’s leading provider of service, sales, and management training, offering restaurant operators training resources that can increase sales, reduce cost, improve your business’ efficiency and streamline your training process – all leading to greater profitability. For more information, and to learn how Service That Sells! could help your business, visit or call them at 1- 800-247-8514.

With all the attention on underage alcohol sales enforcement and the additional exposure that presents to our members and their staffs our new partnership with The BARS Program will help our members protect themselves against underage stings and the expensive fines that result. This “mystery shopper” program ensures that servers consistently ask for ID and serve alcohol in compliance with the law and your business’ policies. Visit The BARS Program website at or call 1-877-540-5500 to learn more about the program. Make sure to tell them you’re an ESRTA member to take advantage of our Association discount on their services.