May is Tavern Month…Let's Celebrate!

Since 1953, Tavern Month has served as an opportunity to support local hospitality businesses, promote the responsible service and enjoyment of beverage alcohol, and educate everyone about the economic engine formed by the tens of thousands of on-premise beverage licensees throughout the United States.

For hundreds of years, taverns have worked in their communities – large and small – to provide the best in hospitality and beverage service. Since the repeal of Prohibition, licensees have flourished under the three-tier system that has allowed them to focus on customer service and satisfaction, while also working with supplier and distributor partners to create an unsurpassed chain of product accountability and quality that is the envy of countries around the world.

Bars and taverns are proving grounds for new cocktails, beer styles and wines, forums for political debate, bastions for like-minded sports fans and otherwise meeting places for business and pleasure. Bar and tavern owners continue to place a strong emphasis on responsible service by training employees and incorporating programs to promote responsibility. By utilizing technology and working with enforcement and regulatory groups, licensees are doing their part to continue a tradition of responsibility.

This May, we join the American Beverage Licensees in embracing the historic and modern roles of the American tavern, the people who work hard to keep the doors of their businesses open and the good jobs they provide their communities. Celebrate Tavern Month this May by raising a glass to the American tavern – the friendliest place in town!