Liquor Pricing Bill Stalls as Legislature Leaves Capital

The State Legislature adjourned their regular legislative session on June 23rd completing their work for the year. Amongst the issues not addressed before they adjourned for the year is our liquor pricing bill. We did succeed in getting the bill introduced in both houses of the State Legislature and getting the Senate bill (S4343) approved by the Senate Commerce Committee, but the Assembly bill (A7898) didn’t advance from the Assembly Commerce Committee nor did the Senate bill come up for a vote by the full Senate.

This leaves us with work to do before the legislature returns to Albany next January. We’ll be developing an advocacy campaign for the Fall so legislators can hear from you directly why a change in the system for selling wine and liquor is necessary. We always knew this would be a difficult battle but it’s a fight worth having. We may not have achieved our objective this year but we made good progress – something to build on as we work towards our ultimate success.