Legislative Update

The coronavirus situation is having an impact on the state budget process – both the process and the policy. The Governor, the legislative leaders, and their senior staffs are focused on addressing coronavirus leaving less time to work on the state budget and the numerous policy issues embedded in it. We still expect the budget to be enacted on time, but many of the policy issues will be addressed outside of the budget – either before or after the April 1st budget deadline. Some issues (like guaranteed access to sick leave) will be prioritized and likely taken up sooner, but other issues will be done later in the legislative session giving us more time to make an impact on them.

We’ve been laying the ground work in Albany for our campaign to fight the big liquor & wine wholesalers over the past few weeks and we’ve been well received in our initial discussions. We delivered our petition to legislators today so they can see this issue has the support of business owners from all across the state.

You can help reinforce our work by sending off a message to two key legislators. State Senator James Skoufis and Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner have taken the lead in fighting for you. Send them a note of thanks for their efforts on your behalf. Here’s a suggested message:

Thank you for taking an interest in our problems with liquor pricing. It will make a big difference to my business if you can help me take advantage of the large quantity discount prices available to others and get split case and delivery charges under control.

Their email addresses are:

Senator Skoufis – skoufis@nysenate.gov

Assemblywoman Woerner – woernerc@nyassembly.gov

Your notes to these legislators will reinforce the work we’re doing in Albany and help move us forward. We’ll keep you updated on our progress. Thanks for your support!