Governor Signs ABC Reform Bill…10:00 AM Opening Starts This Sunday

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law reforms passed at the end of the legislative session into law on September 7th. As you know, one of the reforms are the new rules for Sunday morning sales allowing all on-premises licensees to serve alcoholic beverages at 10:00 am. This part of the new law takes effect immediately so you may begin taking advantage of the new 10:00 opening hour starting this Sunday, September 11tht.

The other provisions of the law, including the option for licensees outside of New York City to apply for permits to be open at 8:00 am up to 12 times per year, take effect in 60 days. We expect the State Liquor Authority to adopt a permit application process similar to the one used for New Year’s Eve 24 hour permits, with modifications as required and appropriate. We’ll be working closely with the Liquor Authority and will keep you in the loop.