Fossil Fuel Ban Exempts Commercial Food Establishments

There has been a lot of attention at the state and federal level to proposals that would ban the use of fossil fuel equipment in buildings. You may remember a recent statement by President Biden about not wanting to take anyone’s gas stove away from them. It’s a serious discussion here in New York since the Climate and Community Protection Act, enacted into law last year, has set the state on a path to zero on-site greenhouse gas emissions.

Under a provision included in the state budget, beginning December 31, 2025, developers and builders will be required to comply with “zero emission construction” standards for most buildings of seven stories or fewer. By 2028, taller buildings will also need to adopt emission-free technologies, trading fossil fuel appliances such as gas stoves and furnaces for electric or induction cooktops and electric heat pumps.

The plan will exempt some types of new buildings, including hospitals, manufacturing facilities and commercial food establishments (restaurants, taverns, bars, etc.), and will allow for back-up generators. It also allows for the replacement of existing gas appliances in existing buildings. This is not the last we’ve heard of “zero emissions” – more like the beginning of a long term relationship of new challenges.