Fight Over Alcohol to Go Shaping Up

With key state legislators expressing interest in extending the privilege of selling alcohol to go, the associations representing liquor stores have started an aggressive campaign to try to block this measure. Alcohol to go served as an important lifeline for many on-premises operators over the past year. Even with the relaxation of restrictions it’s going to take time to recover – economists are expecting it to take up to two years. Extending your ability to sell alcohol to go will help establishments get back on their feet as patrons slowly get comfortable returning to indoor dining.

We need your help making the case to keep alcohol to go and we have two ways you can pitch in. We have set up online sites set up for you and your customers so all you have to do is click on the link to send letters to your representatives. First and foremost, contact your legislators and tell them you want them to keep alcohol to go. Next, ask your customers – especially those who come in for pick up or receive deliveries – to contact their legislators.

Liquor stores have had record sales over the past year while you struggled to keep your business afloat. Now, while you’re trying how to figure out how to return your business to profitability, they unapologetically declare your need for help is over. Please join in this fight to keep alcohol to go and make sure you have this option available to you!