ESRTA Workers Compensation Group Declares Dividend for 22nd Consecutive Year

The Empire State Restaurant & Tavern Association and the Risk Management Planning Group, (RMPG) are pleased to announce that another successful year of discounts and dividends have been declared. Members who participated in the September 30, 2014 – 2015 policy year and who qualify, will receive a 30% dividend which will be distributed to you shortly and your upfront renewal discount will increase to 25 percent.

This is the 22nd consecutive year that our Safety Group (#554) has declared a dividend to participating members. This year the addition of a 25% discount and proven track record of the security of a guaranteed cost policy backed by the New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF) in one of the most secure safety groups in New York, continues to provide the most competitive Workers’ Compensation coverage available to our industry. Association members not currently participating in the Safety Group are encouraged to contact RMPG for a free, no obligation quote. Looking ahead, the State Insurance Fund now offers “pay as you go” through its approved vendors so you can take advantage of our group savings and spread out your payments for better cash flow. For more information on the benefits of our Safety Group please contact Tanaquea Rosario at 516-535-4774 or by email at