Cocktails to Go Extended for Another 30 Days

Governor Cuomo has extended your ability to sell cocktails to go for another 30 days. This is good news for restaurants and taverns throughout New York State, but with the State of Emergency certain to be coming to an end soon, this could be the last extension of cocktails to go.

Legislation to extend this privilege for one year in order to help fuel your recovery is being held up by liquor store owners who claim that you’re ability to sell cocktails to go puts their business at risk. These store owners saw a 39% increase in sales last year while your liquor sales fell by 59 percent. They also claim your business is doing great and you’ve gotten so much aid from the government that you don’t need this extra help.

Don’t let these bullies convince the legislature to stop your ability to sell alcohol to go. Take one minute of your time to send a note to your legislators to ask them to support extending your right to sell alcohol to go for another year.