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Tip Credit & Tipped Wage Under Attack

As you’ve read and heard in the news, Governor Cuomo has proposed holding statewide hearings to consider eliminating the tip credit. According to the Governor’s original announcement last month, the hearings will determine whether the ability to pay employees less than the minimum wage is resulting in a hardship to these workers. While the announcement…

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SLA Issues $3.5 Million Penalty Against Wholesale Giant

The State Liquor Authority accepted a conditional no contest offer from Southern Glazer Wine & Spirits (SGWS) to settle charges that SGWS engaged in “pay-to-play” by providing illegal gifts and services to business to influence their purchasing decisions, for permitting incomplete, inaccurate, and inadequate recordkeeping practices, and for engaging in discriminatory sales. Some of these…

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We’ll Be Calling You

One of our most valuable membership benefits is our workers’ compensation insurance safety group. Almost half of our members belong to the group and are receiving the benefits of an advance discount and an annual dividend. In these difficult times we want to make sure every member is aware of its value proposition so our…

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New York Cracks Down on Service Animal Fraud

A new law makes it unlawful for any person to knowingly affix to any dog any false or improper tag identifying the dog as a guide, service, therapy or hearing dog. While this law is helpful in dealing with fraudsters, it does not broaden the scope of permissible questions businesses and their employees may ask…

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SLA Chooses Not to Remove Split Case Charge Regulation

This past Fall we reported to you that the State Liquor Authority was considering amending several of their rules and regulations, including the regulation that limits the amount a wholesaler can charge you for “splitting a case” of liquor. The current regulation limits the charge to $1.92 per case (pro-rated per bottle) although current practice…

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Some restaurant workers say they’d lose money if Cuomo changes tip system

By Samantha Christmann | Published 8:47 a.m. January 8, 2018 | Updated 2 hours ago Buffalo News  Tara Hark has worked other jobs – in customer service at a bank and as a preschool teacher – but she always finds her way back to tending bar. The money is good enough that she’s able to work shorter hours, which allows her…

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