Associations and Members File to Intervene in Split Case Fee Lawsuit

Our Association, joined by the New York City Hospitality Alliance, the New York State Restaurant Association, and several individual members of each association filed a petition in State Supreme Court seeking to intervene in the litigation brought by Southern Glaser Wine & Spirits against the State Liquor Authority challenging the SLA’s rule limiting split case fees to $0.87 per bottle.

We told the court that the outcome of the case will have a significant economic impact on your business and that our voice needs to be heard in this dispute. Our petition included copies of invoices and price postings along with a price analysis all of which demonstrate the ways Southern discriminates against small retailers. We’ll be in court in Albany on April 7th trying to persuade the judge to let us intervene. A number of members plan to join us in person for the hearing – feel free to contact our office for details if you also want to join us in Albany.