Alcohol to Go Fails to Advance In Legislature, For Now

The Assembly and Senate completed their planned work for the year this week without passing legislation to extend or make permanent your privilege to sell alcohol to go. While the Governor has extended it by Executive Order until July 5th it’s unclear how much longer he can do this.

The Legislature bought into the disinformation pushed by the liquor stores’ lobby claiming you’ve gotten lots of government aid and don’t need more help, that alcohol to go has led to massive drunk driving, and that alcohol to go turned restaurants into liquor stores threatening the liquor stores’ survival. In reality, there is nothing about alcohol to go that puts any liquor store at risk.

Their opposition is based on a Prohibition-era mindsight that protects them from competition – a good deal if you can get it but their protectionist view of the world is in conflict with your ability to grow your business. Allowing wine sales in grocery stores might be a threat to the liquor stores business model but alcohol to go is not. The liquor stores’ opposition to wine in groceries is understandable – their position on alcohol to go is absurd and based purely on greed.

We’re going to continue to fight to extend this privilege by Executive Order while we continue to pursue legislative approval. We’re far from done with this fight!