ABC Working Group Recommendations Coming Soon

We do welcome the comments the Governor included in his State of the State Message in reference to the State Liquor Authority’s Working Group to make recommendations to reform the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law. We’re in full support of Governor Cuomo’s call for overhauling the law and we’re pleased to be participating in the effort to revise the 75 year old statue.

After thoughtful discussion, we’ve developed a host of recommendations for simplifying and modernizing the antiquated provisions of the law. One of the most important recommendations is a basic reorganization of this very old, confusing and dense law. The final report to the Governor will be completed next month and we expect will recommend changes to allow for the earlier sale of alcohol on Sunday as well as a long needed reform of the prohibition era 200′ law.

Unfortunately, the Working Group will not be bringing forward any recommendations concerning co-op buying or allowing on-premises licensees to purchase liquor from package stores. While retailer representatives all wanted to advance discussions on these issues, the major wholesalers’ representatives on the panel blocked consideration. That will make our work on this issue more challenging but we have legislative supporters of reforming this system and we will encourage them to advance these proposals during the upcoming legislative session.

The Working Group’s recommendations, if enacted into law, will create a better environment for business owners in the hospitality industry. With the NY Giants playing in London next year let’s hope we’re successful this year.