A Notice from NYS Lottery on Covid-19 Relating Closings

The New York Lottery is working with retailers statewide that are affected by the COVID-19 public health challenge.  If a licensed retailer decides to temporarily close from COVID-19 outcomes or has been required to close:

  • The retailer is to contact any New York Lottery regional office and request a temporary pin-off and specify that COVID-19 is the cause.
  • The Lottery will deactivate retailer equipment (“pinned-off”).  The retailer is not allowed to sell instant tickets while pinned-off.
  • The Lottery equipment stays in place.
  • The retailer is to secure current inventory against theft.  Retailer is responsible for all instant tickets, so it is very important to secure all instant ticket inventory.
  • The Lottery will work with retailers to settle their accounts when business resumes.


New York Lottery Regional Offices:

If no answer, please leave a message. Include your name, retailer number and phone number and someone will call you back as quickly as possible.





Long Island






New York City


For information about your Lottery account, including financial information, go to: https://nyretailer.lotteryservices.com/.

If you are a first-time visitor, you will need to sign up.  Only store owners can create a Primary account.